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With the introduction of consumer-friendly products including shampoos & hair care, personal care, fine fragrances for Men and Women and other household products, we have richly endowed as a reputed company worldwide. Based in a prime location adjacent to Delhi, we are well connected locally and globally with different means of transportation.

Infrastructure Facility

Our lab is equipped with well-trained application technologists and evaluation panel. Our stringent quality control procedures & CGMP manufacturing practices make sure that only best product should reach our customers.
Fragrance, A Sensuous Art Form

The fragrance has its importance in daily human life. It provides soothing and heart touching feels to all senses. The right blend can make your soul sing a beautiful melody. Fragrances are combinations of natural or human-made ingredients that are added in various daily use consumer goods like soaps, shampoos, perfumes, oils, hair care and several other personal care products for enhancing their aroma. Also, varieties come in form of fragrances and they are helpful to communicate complex ideas by creating mood, providing freshness, alleviating stress and enhancing the level of attraction. Many other products that may contain fragrance are:

  • Soap Fragrance
  • Laundry Soap Fragrance
  • Detergent Fragrance
  • Soap Perfume
  • Detergent Perfume
  • Laundry Soap Perfume
  • Carpet fresheners
  • Dryer sheets
  • Fabric softeners
  • Laundry detergents
  • Room air fresheners
  • Citronella Fragrance Oil
  • Nutmeg Perfume Oil

Our Success Story

We are always praised amongst the clients all across the fragrance world where every our success story is evident with market innovation, quality and client centric approach. Undoubtedly, our innovative approach to fulfill clients' needs has provided us to acquire a huge number of clients in food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical and many other industries.

Our Vision

We are here to provide aid to a large number of people in developing a positive relationship with their appearance and helping them in raising their confidence and self-esteem.